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cryptocurrency services

Security and assistance around Cryptocurrency for kiwis

Crypto consulting


Sarn is a YouTube channel and content creator. The channel was created in 2017 with the intention of helping New Zealand based individuals learn how to enter into cryptocurrency safely and responsibly

Bring on 2022, the cryptocurrency market is booming, decentralized finance is an emerging industry and more than ever, traditional finance including banks are under threat by a system that is offering real incentives for individuals to move to a new financial future. 

With this, technical and knowledgeable expertise is in demand. 


Sarn Elliott

My name is Sarn.  I've been involved in cryptocurrency since 2017 and have been active throughout the years since. 

I'm currently using cryptocurrency services as part of my everyday finances and spending. 

I'm also using cryptocurrency to grow my digital wealth and take part in projects that I strongly believe will benefit people globally. 

Throughout my years of experience, I have tackled many challenges, leaving me learning from both difficult and great situations. 

I now offer consulting services to assist those who may be facing challenges. 


by the hour calls

Discuss any questions or situations you may have. This time is for you to utilize my skills and knowledge to help you.

retainer assistance plans

Ongoing support. Guaranteed replies and assistance when you need it 

  • Base Level

    Every week
    Lean on my expertise when you need it
    • + $100 per hour call rate
    • Email questions with reply within 24 hours
    • Security analysis
    • Cancel at anytime
  • Peak Level

    Every month
    1 on 1 in Auckland assistance
    • 5x 30 Minute sessions per month
    • + $90 per additional hour
    • Email questions with answer within 12 hours
    • Security protocol review
    • Network recoveries
    • Cancel at anytime


"A weight lifted off my shoulders, I can sleep easy tonight" 

Nathan / Nelson

"We found Sarn to be an efficient, knowledgeable young man who’s depth of experience helped solve a few difficult Crypto issues for me. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without Sarn's help"

Vinka / Auckland

"Sarn saved me. With no real crypto guides in NZ and limited resources on the web specific to kiwi it was refreshing to come across Sarn. He was super helpful, patient and extremely knowledgeable about all things crypto. Whenever I am stuck or looking to increase my knowledge about a specific area in crypto, I will be giving Sarn a call."

Jake / Christchuch